Lego Fan

Sweetie, you are a big fan of Lego!  Your first set was a birthday mega block from a friend when you were 2. Seeing that you liked it, I bought you more. Since then you were hooked. From very early on, you learned to read the picture instructions. You could do it all by yourself after a few guided practices! You also like to create your own free-style. What you have made always amazes me with such great imagination. I love watching you make these. I love playing with you.  — Love, Mommy

Recap: Preschool Graduation

Dear Daughter,

I have finally found the time to start (for real start) posting on this blog, OUR blog. It feels like I have years of the amazing you to recap before I could get to the present YOU. So, bear with me, sweetie. I’ll get there, maybe sooner than I thought. And let me start with last year, your Preschool Graduation.

It was an amazing 3 years at your preschool. You’ve grown so much and been enjoying your life at preschool. It was and still is such a proud moment for you and for all of us, hearing your name announced, watching you march on stage in full attire, and listening to you and your friends sing. It was such a sweet moment when you and your teachers hugged as you present them the flowers. We took a lot of pictures. And here are some of them. We were excited about your new adventure, too.

Remember these? And from here on, after a fun summer, you started your kindergarten year! Love you, proud of you, always!