Yay for Today!

She’s making a come back!

Haha, just as I doubted whether I’ll have the stamina to keep the blog going, I find myself posting another entry! Yay!

After 2 long years of hiatus, my lil girl (she’d say big girl) is making a come back. She’s still got it! Picked up right where she left off and aced the beginner level (again) in her first session back. Today she’s at the intermediate class, working on the remaining 3 skills to move up to advanced. You go girl!

Wait! What? Really?

Oh my goodness it’s been 2 years since I last posted! Two long years! 😮

How time flies, even when we sometimes feel like one single day can be dragging on forever. That’s probably how things go with a lingering pandemic — I thought working from home would give me more time to be with my family and do more of what I like to do. Turned out I was completely wrong with this. I thought going back to in person would make a change. But I was wrong again… We seem to be perpetually in need of more time, more time to learn, more time to work, more time to play, more time to sleep, more time to prep for food, more time to eat… It just feels like there’s never enough time to do anything.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we thought if we’d just quarantine for 2 weeks, our life would go back to normal. Then, it became after this year’s working from home and e-learning, after this next year’s go back in person with masks and social distancing, after this and that… And it’s still going.

What if life as we know has changed forever? What if we’ll never go back to where we were before? Actually, there is NO what-if’s. It has already happened and is still happening. Kiddo had e-learning for almost a year and missed a year of socializing with friends in person (although we did arrange FaceTime for her and her friends). We rarely traveled or went to parties. We missed out on life in order to live.

Would I have done differently? Probably not, ’cause without life and health, there is no social life or traveling anywhere, or anything. But still, part of me laments the time we lost when we could grow in a more natural way and enjoy it, as well as the numerous blog posts that I/we would have made. I still have the travel photos that she took when she was 6 years old waiting to be posted. But time has changed and the pandemic has stolen away the impulse to post…

I’m not even sure after this post, when my next post will be. Maybe soon. Maybe a while from now. But definitely not never. I will. I promise to myself.