Blog Makeover

Long waited mother-daughter weekend finally came. Today, S and I talked about her creative plans and her aspirations. We decided to give this blog a makeover — it needs a new name, first and foremost. So, we decided to call it whimsical moon (as her name means “moon”). Voila! Now, please bookmark 🙂

We are also going to use whimsical moon as our YouTube channel name as well. 😀 This name came to me this afternoon wben we drew a picture together. I realized how precious her ability is to make all her drawings look whimsical. She is not me who draws everything like computer work. She has her own style. Everything looks so vividly alive and vibrantly moving in her drawings. S loves this new name!

Then I started making the necessary changes on the blog and realized how sweet my old posts used to be and how desperate sounding my recent posts were. They sound like the desperate attempts of a busy working mom who wrote a few posts to “turn in homework”… So, I’ve decided to also rewrite those recent posts, so that they are sweet and loving, as our mother-daughter blog is intended to be. I am on it! 😉

What a semester!

Or… What an academic year! Totally planned to update as much as possible, and then I (mommy) got a new teaching position at another university, spent last summer prepping lessons and the whole entire academic year busy teaching. As a result… our blog became slower than these turtles. LOL.

And on top a busy schedule working for two universities and a weekend program for little kids, Covid-19 happened. We had to switch everything online for the rest of the semester. It wasn’t too difficult on the technology front. However, it did take a much longer time — everything had to be uploaded to Canvas; simple things that could be done quickly face-to-face took much longer to accomplish electronically. I did enjoy using Zoom, though. Can’t imagine if this happened 10 or 20 years ago. We would have all been much more lost than now.

S started e-learning via her school Canvas roughly the same time that I started teaching exclusively online. We are so thankful to her teacher. She has been doing an amazing job, as amazing as her face-to-face classes. In fact, all the rest of her teachers, including her library teacher, are simply just amazing!

My semester has ended (I’ve got good reviews from students despite everything that’s happening) and S’s is going to end in a few days. So, now I have a bit of time (finally) to get on our blog again and start putting the long promised posts up here. There’s so much I’ve got to do together with S (we were not able to have much mommy-daughter time, given the circumstances; and she has been so reasonable and patient with us as far as a 6 yo goes). So… we’re still taking baby steps here, but we are definitely moving forward (just like everything else).

Hope everyone is well! Stay healthy and safe,