Let’s Change the Story!

Again, I’m going through our photos in an effort to categorize them in both themes and years. They sure bring back memories! Some of them are records of the creative works that I did for you, inspired by you, what you like, or what you need. You have no idea, sweetie, how grateful I am for having the honor to be your mom and how much I appreciate you for being my daughter.  My best creative works are done after you were born. And the creative ideas just kept coming, purely because of the love that I have for you, the love that has no condition, no time limit, no matter what.

Here’s an early creative little piece — changing the story, more accurately, the ending of a story, The Ginger Bread Bear, that as a two year old you found it cruel and couldn’t bear the thought of the ginger bread bear being eaten.  So, I thought, “How do I model turning the table around? How do I empower you, instead of letting you feel victimized?”  Because of this thought, my long forsaken talent started to come back to me. I decided to create and illustrate an alternative ending for you. I asked you, “I’m sorry the ending’s not the best. How would you like the ending to be? How would you like it to happen?”

“The bear will not die! He can turn into a teddy bear lovey!” You said.

“What a splendid idea! Thank you, sweetie!” I answered.

Then when you were at daycare, I started drawing. I was not planning to rip off the original ending — who knows, some day, you might realize that it was simply a cookie and might think it was OK. So I attached my illustrated ending at the end of the book as an alternative.


Turned out, you LOVED it and still do.

After feeling safe about the ginger bread bear having a good alternative future, you started wanting to hear the original ending together with the alternative. You savored both of them. Then one day you told me, “Mommy, I like our ending because that’s NOT an ordinary cookie that’s just a thing. It is ALIVE! No killing things that are alive!”  I embraced you and kissed your forehead, “You got it, baby. You have such a kind heart. Thank you for sharing what you think and how you feel with mommy!”

You loved and still love the whole process of turning a not-so-favorite story into one you like by changing it. You feel empowered by this. You love to own the stories you read by interacting with them on a deeper level. You love to think critically.  Since then, we’ve made revision to a few books here and there, although nothing as major as this one. You learned to read on your own, and you are keeping the great empowerment of being a critical thinker. Both you and I love the active reader that you have become.

What a pleasure and an honor to grow together with you! Thank you!



Summer Fun T-Shirts


I’ll drop a quick note tonight and go to bed, as we are all going to get up early for school/work tomorrow.  I was categorizing all our photos and came across three precious ones! They were pictures of summer fun T-shirts that you drew with fabric markers. One from when you were 4 years old, the other, more recent that you drew as a 6 year old. I am amazed how much you’ve grown in terms of fine motor skills and artistic expression.

You did this first one when you were 4.

IMG_2544 - Copy

You did this one this summer:


Love, love, love all your work! So proud of you!



Little Artist in the Making

Sweets — As you are sleeping so tight and it’s already deep into the night, I’m still gathering all pictures of your doodles and drawings. I love all your drawings and see how you progress throughout the years. It’s so much fun and such a privilege being able to witness your growth and look forward to more to come. I love the fact that you just plunge in and did it and that you’ve kept drawing, everything that you see, feel, think of and imagine. Here’s only some of them, from when you were one year old up to now. I am so proud of you, not just of your drawings, but of the passion and joy that you put into each and every picture. Keep drawing, keep the sketches going and the color flying, my ever-growing little artist! Love, mommy 💗

Lego Fan

Sweetie, you are a big fan of Lego!  Your first set was a birthday mega block from a friend when you were 2. Seeing that you liked it, I bought you more. Since then you were hooked. From very early on, you learned to read the picture instructions. You could do it all by yourself after a few guided practices! You also like to create your own free-style. What you have made always amazes me with such great imagination. I love watching you make these. I love playing with you.  — Love, Mommy

Recap: Preschool Graduation

Dear Daughter,

I have finally found the time to start (for real start) posting on this blog, OUR blog. It feels like I have years of the amazing you to recap before I could get to the present YOU. So, bear with me, sweetie. I’ll get there, maybe sooner than I thought. And let me start with last year, your Preschool Graduation.

It was an amazing 3 years at your preschool. You’ve grown so much and been enjoying your life at preschool. It was and still is such a proud moment for you and for all of us, hearing your name announced, watching you march on stage in full attire, and listening to you and your friends sing. It was such a sweet moment when you and your teachers hugged as you present them the flowers. We took a lot of pictures. And here are some of them. We were excited about your new adventure, too.

Remember these? And from here on, after a fun summer, you started your kindergarten year! Love you, proud of you, always!